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Profits from FoC#420🍁Merch are directed to cannabis advocacy programs across Canada.

Visit our blog to learn more about current projects.

Know of a worthy cannabis advocacy project that could use a little help? Let us know!

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What is Cannabis Advocacy?

1. Eliminating stigma - this can be as simple as wearing 420-related clothing in places considered taboo; your doctors/dentists office or childs daycare for example, or even just speaking openly about cannabis in public situations. You don’t need to bring a potted plant for a stroll down Main Street, but you could (if it isnt flowering). However you do it, do it responsibly.

2. Educating yourself (and your kids) - Knowledge of both the benefits and harms of cannabinoid consumption is also an important component of advocacy, ending the ignorance also fights the stigma.

Likewise, sharing accurate information with children and teens helps undo decades of fear-based propaganda, while simultaneously inspiring safe, responsible use.

3. Spend wisely - this one is a lot harder than you'd think, legally anyways.

The legal cannabis marketplace provides plenty of opportunities to support people who simply seized the opportunity to profit from legalization and few opportunities to support entrepreneurs who represent the real cannabis community, which continues to suffer from draconian cultivation laws.

Make the conscious decision to shop at locally-owned retailers (not just those that claim to be) for non-corporate cannabis products when it's reasonable for you to do so.

4. Be Open-minded - don't blame non-consumers for not being pro-cannabis. Not everyone that tries cannabis likes it (probably because it was the wrong cannabis for them) and those that haven't might have reasons beyond simple ignorance. Cannabis is a rainbow, it doesn't discriminate. Even against its haters.

5. Be the Change - Until Cannabis has equal rights under the law alcohol will remain the dominant fuel for social activities. Try throwing cannabis-only parties instead of the usual drunkfests. You'll find they can be just as fun (or more!), have far fewer problems, and require a lot less cleanup. Just make sure there's plenty of munchies.

If you like to entertain, and have a great space for it, you might even consider making them a regular occasion. Maybe even take it a step further and form a local club. We here to help, just ask!

6. Donate! Find a cannabis advocacy project that you find inspiring and do what you can to help. It doesnt have to be a monetary donation, your time is valuable too. Volunteer locally or virtually, create visuals for promo material, even donate your own artwork or crafts for fundraising auctions, etc. There are endless ways to help if you take a few minutes to look for them.

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